Phu Thai Media Joint Stock Company – Phuthaimedia is one of the pioneers in developing and applying creative, commercial, recreative and interactive media solutions on the television and the media.

The Company provides recreation TV shows of foreign copyright including West European countries, Japan, Korea, and China. Especially, the Company has strongly invested in production of pure Vietnamese shows. Besides, TV advertisement and program sponsorship has been an advantage of the Company over the past years, offering the greatest added values on trade mark, market for customers with minimum investment expense for communication. We firmly believe in our capacity to provide optimal services. Moreover, we provide economic, finance, sports, health news with continuously updated content  that meet all new trends in the society.

Phuthaimedia does co-operate with a varitety of local stations in the whole territory of Vietnam, especially in the central areas such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh and so on.

With professional style, Phuthaimedia determines to become a reputative and trustworthy leader in this field as well as bring customer great value.