La Patrona

The life of Gabriela Suarez, the only woman in the San Pedro del Oro mine, takes a turn after she falls for Alejandro Beltran, the eldest son of Antonia Guerra, the most powerful and feared woman of the...

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Love After Love

From the accident of a couple in the route generates a series of unknowns. The woman's body is not found, while the man is in a coma. Their identity reveals that they were not husbands, they were lovers....

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Candy Love

The Bandi family owns a very famous candy company. Victoria is in charge of the company, since her father died and her mother does not want to have anything to do with the company. Victoria is likely to...

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Sport News

Come to “Sport” topic, a number of people insist that sport is their big love. Moreover, such “lover” is evenly as attractive as their real lover. For example, obviously, soccer fans always desire...

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Economics and Finance News

Understanding the demand of information in the field of Economic & Fianance which is need to be updated day by day. Phuthai Media is proud to be a profestional provider...

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Healthcare News

Nowadays, the higher living standard is, the more people take care of their health. Healthy living is no longer an order from the doctor or niche craze. It stands for discovery, pleasure, sophistication,...

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